Elos Sublative RF ®

Over time, our skin’s youthful appearance and texture is affected by collagen, moisture loss, sun exposure, acne and more. Sublative RF offers patients of all skin types a safe and effective solution for reversing multiple signs of aging. Sublative RF targets collagen production required for treating mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial imperfections in your skin’s tone and texture.

Sublative RF® works by a handpiece delivering radiofrequency energy deep into the skin in the form of a Matrix. Healthy skin around the Matrix dots begins the wound healing process and new collagen production begins, leading to smoother looking, more elastics skin.

Sublative RF lies in between two forms of laser based treatments ablative and nonablative to deliver the best results, by delivering effective energy deep into the skin, while causing minimal disruption.

Treatment sessions last less than an hour and patients report a warm, prickly or mild sunburn sensation. Sublative RF delivers results safely across all skin types and patients usually see results after 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart, but collagen production can continue for up to 6 months post treatment.

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