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Achieving the slim and toned figure you desire can be quite difficult. Despite your best efforts, diet and exercise may not help you achieve your goals. Many surgical methods of body contouring exist, but body contouring surgery isn’t for everyone. UltraShape® is a nonsurgical procedure offered by Dr. Mark Chin that can effectively improve your body shape without any surgery or downtime.

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Achieved With UltraShape®


UltraShape® uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells in the body. When the handheld UltraShape® device is applied to areas of stubborn fat, ultrasound technology will instantly destroy the fat cells. Over the following weeks and months, the body will metabolize the damaged fat cells. The result is a slimmer body shape and improved appearance.

While liposuction and other procedures surgically remove fat from the body, UltraShape® destroys the fat cells in a noninvasive manner. The body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells over time, leading to increasingly improved body contours. All of this is possible with a simple, nonsurgical procedure and no downtime or pain.

Diet and exercise plans can reduce overall body fat, but they do not spot reduce. UltraShape® makes targeted body contouring possible. The UltraShape® device can eliminate fat specifically from fat deposits such as the upper arms, abdomen, lower back, hips, or thighs.

Most patients will experience noticeable improvements after one series of UltraShape®

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Addressing Your Concerns

  • Cost

    The cost of UltraShape® depends on how many areas are treated and how much fat is removed. As it is an elective procedure, insurance companies do not cover the expense. Dr. Chin’s medispa staff will provide you with a price quote during your initial consultation.

  • Scars

    There are no scars associated with UltraShape® treatment. Ultrasound energy destroys the fat cells beneath the skin without requiring any surgical incisions.

  • Pain

    There is virtually no pain associated with an UltraShape® treatment session. The procedure is entirely noninvasive and comfortable.

  • Recovery

    As UltraShape® is a nonsurgical procedure, there is no recovery period. Patients may have slight redness or bruising for a few days in the treated area, but this will subside quickly. After an UltraShape® treatment, patients can return to normal activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I choose UltraShape® over other methods of fat removal?

    While other fat removal methods have their own benefits, UltraShape® offers a vast list of distinct advantages over other methods. The key benefits of UltraShape® are:
    • FDA-approved treatment
    • Safe ultrasound technology
    • No surgery
    • No downtime or recovery
    • No pain or discomfort
    • No major swelling
    • No time off work
    • Results are visible in as little as two weeks
    • Results improve over time

  • Do I qualify for UltraShape®?

    Candidates for UltraShape® should be healthy and active but have stubborn fat deposits. You should already be within 10 to 15 pounds of your ideal weight and have a BMI of 30 or less. As with all procedures, patients should have realistic expectations about the results. You should also have no serious medical conditions and inform Dr. Chin’s staff regarding any medications you are taking or if you have a history of previous weight-loss procedures.
  • Can I undergo UltraShape® after liposuction?

    Patients can safely undergo UltraShape® after liposuction or a similarly invasive procedure.
  • How long is the procedure?

    A single treatment with UltraShape® will typically take one hour or less. The length of the entire procedure will depend on the number of areas treated.
  • How many treatments will I need?

    UltraShape® treatments are administered in a series of three sessions spaced two weeks apart. Most patients will experience noticeable improvements after one series of UltraShape® treatments, but patients may desire more than one UltraShape® series to achieve their goals.
  • How long does it take to see noticeable results?

    Results will typically become noticeable after one to two weeks and will continue to improve over the coming months as the body flushes out the destroyed fat cells.
  • How long do the results from UltraShape® last?

    Results from UltraShape® treatments can be long lasting. For optimal long-term results, maintain your weight with a healthy lifestyle.