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A double chin can be a trigger for poor self-image and insecurity. No matter your age, body shape, or natural beauty, having a double chin can make you look older, overweight, or less attractive than you might otherwise appear. KYBELLA® is the newest, most effective treatment for a double chin and is FDA approved to eliminate a double chin with minimal discomfort, no surgery, and no recovery.

Achieved With KYBELLA®

A double chin, or submental fullness, can limit positive self-image. Even small or moderate amounts of excess fat beneath the chin may elicit feelings of insecurity. While diet and exercise cannot directly target this area, KYBELLA® is designed to do exactly that. KYBELLA® can be injected into the area beneath the chin to break down the fat cells and create a slimmer neck contour.

Stubborn fat accumulation is known for resisting diet, exercise, and many other methods of fat removal. KYBELLA® is a prescription drug containing deoxycholic acid, a molecule that naturally breaks down fat cells so that the body can eliminate them. Once it has been injected beneath the chin, the deoxycholic acid formula continues to destroy the fat indefinitely, leading to permanent results. It also serves as a permanent guard against future fat buildup.

Poor self-image is often associated with poor self-confidence. Improving your self-image is made possible with KYBELLA®, which eliminates submental fullness and restores a slender neckline so that you look more attractive, youthful, and slim. Greater confidence is a natural byproduct of improved self-image after treatment with KYBELLA®.

Greater confidence is a natural byproduct of improved self-image after treatment with KYBELLA®

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Addressing Your Concerns

  • Cost

    The cost of KYBELLA® depends mostly on how many treatments will be necessary. Most patients will need between two and four treatments to achieve their desired results. KYBELLA® is an elective treatment, which means that insurance companies do not cover the expense. During your initial consultation, Dr. Chin’s Aspire MediSpa staff will determine if you are a suitable candidate and offer you a price quote for your KYBELLA® treatment if indicated.

  • Scars

    Since no surgical incisions are used in KYBELLA® treatments, there is no scarring.

  • Pain

    Even though KYBELLA® treatments are nonsurgical, some pain or discomfort may occur as a side effect. Any discomfort will be temporary and can be alleviated with pain medications in the meantime.

  • Recovery

    KYBELLA® treatments are nonsurgical and have no recovery period. Some patients may experience minor side effects, including swelling, bruising, discomfort, numbness, redness, or hardness in the treated area. These side effects are temporary and should not prevent you from returning to normal activities directly after your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About KYBELLA®

  • What causes a double chin?

    A double chin or submental fullness may be caused by multiple factors, such as genetics, aging, and weight gain. It can affect men and women of any age. KYBELLA® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable to reduce submental fullness and treat a double chin.
  • Am I a good candidate for KYBELLA®?

    KYBELLA® may be right for you if you are 18 years or older and if you are unhappy with the appearance of your double chin. Candidates should be healthy and notify Dr. Chin or his staff of any facial, chin, or neck enhancement procedures they have previously received or are planning to undergo. Candidates must also inform Dr. Chin’ staff if they have an infection in the treatment area, any trouble swallowing, bleeding problems, or neck conditions as well as if they are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed or if they are currently pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the near future. Lastly, candidates should disclose all medications, vitamins, and/or supplements they are taking.
  • What is it like to undergo treatment(s) with KYBELLA®?

    A treatment session with KYBELLA® is a quick, outpatient procedure. The treatment lasts only a few minutes and will likely include multiple KYBELLA® injections. The number of injections you receive will be based on your aesthetic goals as discussed during your initial consultation.
  • How many KYBELLA® treatment sessions will I need?

    Candidates typically need between two and four KYBELLA® treatment sessions to see noticeable results. Some candidates may need up to six treatments to reach their goals. These treatments will be spaced at least four weeks apart. Once your goals have been met, no repeat treatments will be needed to maintain your results.
  • Are there any other side effects of KYBELLA®?

    In addition to the side effects listed above, KYBELLA® can cause difficulty swallowing and nerve injury in the jaw, causing an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness. However, these complications are rare. Swelling under the chin is the most common effect as the fat cells are being broken down and may take several days to weeks to gradually subside. The majority of KYBELLA® patients report no long-term side effects and are satisfied with their results
  • How long will it take to see noticeable results from my treatment(s) with KYBELLA®?

    Results from KYBELLA® become noticeable over the six to eight weeks following each treatment session. During this time, the deoxycholic acid will destroy the fat cells so that your body can flush them out. Your results will continue to improve to reveal a slimmer neck contour. These results will be permanent, as the injected deoxycholic acid will prevent fat cells from being able to accumulate in the area in the future. With the permanent elimination of your double chin, you can look and feel more youthful, thin, and attractive.