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The Aspire MediSpa Difference

Here at Aspire Medispa, our goal is simple: to enhance your natural beauty and to help you achieve your aesthetic goals by utilizing the most minimally invasive and painless techniques.

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Ultrashape® - 30% MORE Fat Reduction! Procedure

your body

Ultrashape® - 30% MORE Fat Reduction!

UltraShape® is a nonsurgical procedure offered at Aspire MediSpa that can effectively improve your body shape without any surgery or downtime. Most patients will experience noticeable improvements after one series of UltraShape®!

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We strive to help every patient feel satisfied about his or her appearance. Procedure

your skin

We strive to help every patient feel satisfied about his or her appearance.

A wide variety of skin services are available at this Fresno facility, which range from treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic and hydrafacials to more aggressive procedures, including chemical peels and lasers. These treatments can improve conditions such as acne and sun spots to blemishes and aging skin.

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Aspire Medispa of Fresno

Our Medispa offers an extensive amount of cosmetic treatments using state-of-the-art technology, such as radio frequency lasers and ultrasound, for patients who want to optimize their natural features without the downtime of cosmetic surgery. Amongst the various treatments and services at Aspire Medispa, we offer a complete line of skincare products, Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and facial treatments that protect, preserve, rejuvenate, and enhance the conditions of the skin. These services at Aspire Medispa can also be used as a complement to cosmetic surgery post-operatively. Treatments are overseen by Dr. Mark Chin, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and supported by Ali Kunkel-Caplinger, PA-C Physician Assistant and Shannon Bigham Aesthetic RN.

Linda’s Story Satisfied Patient

What makes Aspire MediSpa unique is the use of Visia Computer Skin Analysis which gives patients the proper recommendations for skin care products. “I had Active FX completed and it was one of the most gratifying procedures that I had done,” says Linda Blanchard, one of the many satisfied patients of Aspire MediSpa.

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Individuals who desire facial rejuvenation, but are not interested in surgical enhancement, will benefit from Dr. Mark A. Chin's Aspire MediSpa.

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