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Ditch the Turtlenecks With KYBELLA®

Posted March 12, 2018 in KYBELLA®

girl with double chinFor many of us, the desire to look slim and trim is what gets us through the not-always-enjoyable workouts and healthy diets we put ourselves through. In many circumstances, exercising and dieting are successful, and we can enjoy the benefits of our hard work. Unfortunately, there are some “fatty” areas on the body that just decide to play by their own rules, and the double chin is one of those areas. Many people are plagued with submental fullness under their chin, which makes them both look and feel older and heavier than they are. It is this dissatisfaction that has people hiding under turtleneck sweaters and scarves all year long. And while a double chin is made up of fat, it cannot be minimized by diet and exercise; even worse is that one of the leading causes of submental fullness is genetics—bad luck at its finest.

While the presence of a double chin is no fault to you, there are ways that you can eliminate the annoyance. Surgical options for getting rid of a double chin have existed for years; however, not everyone is keen on undergoing surgery. That is what makes KYBELLA® such an exciting and appealing option. KYBELLA® injections eliminate the fat under the chin without surgery, downtime, and constant maintenance.

Improved Chin Profile

While a double chin is not physically harmful, it is annoying, and it does damage many patients’ self-image and confidence. KYBELLA® can uniquely aid patients who desire a more sculpted, defined chin profile, and it only takes a series of two to four treatment sessions. KYBELLA® is made up of synthetic deoxycholic acid—the man-made form of a naturally occurring substance in the body that is known to break down and absorb fat. The synthetic version does the same thing. When injected into the under-chin area, KYBELLA® breaks down and destroys the fat cells permanently, leading to a noticeable reduction of submental fullness. In this process, a slimmer, more contoured profile is created.