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I Have a Double Chin. Can KYBELLA® Help?

Posted October 12, 2021

2 Minute Read:  Are you struggling with a double chin?  Having a double chin or a layer of fat under the submental space in the chin is common and isn’t a sign of poor health. However, the excess layer of fatty tissue under your chin can leave you looking older and heavier, no matter your […]

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What Are the Best Medispa Treatments for Social Media Influencers?

Posted May 03, 2021

3 Minute Read:  For the next several years, we may see the viral stardom of beauty bloggers and vloggers play a huge role in setting trends for what patients desire across the country.  Today, our world is largely driven by social media, so it is not surprising to see the significant impact created by social […]

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How Do Injectables Work?

Posted September 07, 2019

6 min read When it comes to injectable treatments, there are options aplenty. So when you are trying to decide which treatment would best fit your needs, you are likely bouncing between dozens of webpages, blogs, and social media posts to figure out the differences between products. We know how frustrating it can be to […]

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Ditch the Turtlenecks With KYBELLA®

Posted March 12, 2018

For many of us, the desire to look slim and trim is what gets us through the not-always-enjoyable workouts and healthy diets we put ourselves through. In many circumstances, exercising and dieting are successful, and we can enjoy the benefits of our hard work. Unfortunately, there are some “fatty” areas on the body that just […]

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Posted June 14, 2017

A double chin is one of the most difficult areas to target for fat removal. Double chin treatment has recently been made more practical and more available with KYBELLA®. KYBELLA® is the first and only non-surgical injectable substance that can be used to treat a double chin. Here are some answers to the most commonly […]

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