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Eliminate Fat Without Struggle and Surgery

Posted September 27, 2017 in UltraShape®

Beautiful slim body of a woman in lingerieWeight loss is a never-ending battle for many of us, consisting of hours at the gym and trying whatever the latest fad diet is to take care of those final few pounds. Unfortunately, as we age, even vigorous exercise and a healthy diet are not always enough to rid ourselves of stubborn pockets of fat that accumulate in our midsections, hips, and thighs. Many surgical options are available ranging from liposuction to tummy tucks; however, while those treatments are right for some, they are not ideal for everyone. And if surgery isn’t right for you, don’t fret, because there is still a way to say goodbye to those pesky problem spots.

What Is UltraShape® Power?

UltraShape® Power is an FDA-approved and noninvasive fat removal procedure designed to eliminate fat from the abdomen, lower back, arms, hips, and thighs. Unlike other fat removal procedures that surgically remove unwanted fat cells, UltraShape® Power destroys them by using ultrasonic waves. These damaged fat cells are then naturally eliminated from the body over the course of the following weeks and months, safely and efficiently allowing you to achieve your ideal physique.

What Are the Benefits?

UltraShape® Power allows you to rid your body of stubborn fat pockets with:

  • No surgery
  • No pain
  • No scarring
  • No downtime

This treatment is fast, painless, and proven to be effective. Results will begin to be noticeable in two weeks and will improve over the following weeks and months as the body heals and eliminates the damaged fat cells. It is recommended to have a series of three UltraShape® Power sessions to achieve your best results.

Am I a Candidate?

Like other types of fat removal procedures, UltraShape® Power is not designed to be a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise and should not be used as a sole weight loss program. The best results will occur in healthy and active patients who are within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal weight and have isolated fat pockets. Candidates should be realistic about their results and committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the procedure. If done so, it is possible to enjoy your slim and svelte figure for years to come.