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Face-Off: 3 Reasons Ultherapy® May Be Better Than a Facelift

Posted August 19, 2021 in Ultherapy®

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If you are thinking about a surgical rejuvenation treatment like a facelift, there may be less invasive options available. A newer technology that uses ultrasonic waves to target facial skin laxity and wrinkles might be just right for you. It’s called Ultherapy®.

Woman grabbing her cheek skin against a blue background.

What Is Ultherapy®?

As the only non-surgical facelift technology approved by the FDA, Ultherapy® uses micro-focused ultrasonic heat to lift and tighten skin on the face and neck area. Safe and non-invasive, this treatment is most suitable for younger patients whose skin retains much of its elasticity.

How Is Ultherapy® performed?

Using a handheld device, a technician delivers targeted pulses of ultrasonic heat to treatment areas. There may be a momentary sensation of heat or tingling but no significant pain. For especially sensitive patients, a topical numbing cream can be applied prior to treatment.

Usually, a single session is sufficient to yield visible improvements in skin tone. It can take up to an hour to fully treat the face area. 

What Are the Major Benefits of Ultherapy®?

A much less complex procedure than a surgical facelift, Ultherapy® has distinct advantages. This treatment:

1. Tightens the Deeper Layers of Skin

Skin rejuvenation happens naturally from inside layers based on the stimulation of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of fresh skin. This allows for deeper rejuvenation. The process also continues to generate new skin tissues over time so results can last a year or more.

2. Reduces Downtime

There is less downtime following an Ultherapy® treatment and a much lower risk of infection and other complications that can happen with surgery. The treated areas will settle down after a day or two of heightened color and sensitivity. Regular activities can resume immediately following treatment.

3. Produces Natural-Looking Results

More natural results can result as the surface layers of skin remain undisturbed during Ultherapy®. Surgical facelifts can take many months to heal and then relax into a natural look of refreshment. In the meantime, the “facelift face” may be both noticeable and uncomfortable.

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