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What Is the Difference Between Ablative and Non-ablative Laser Treatment?

Posted August 10, 2020 in Laser Treatments

3 Minute Read: 

The world of laser therapy is exciting and promising, offering patients futuristic solutions to age-old problems that men and women face regarding the quality of their skin. Although laser treatments are versatile in their use and application, their popularity has garnered several technological variations that can make it hard for patients to decide what is right for them. 

Beautician Giving Laser Treatment To Young Man Face

To help patients make their decision easier, it is important for them to understand the difference between ablative and non-ablative laser treatments, as well as some of the most effective ablative and non-ablative treatments available today. 

What Are Ablative Laser Treatments? What Are Non-Ablative Treatments?

Both ablative and non-ablative lasers are designed to make corrections to fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines. 

The simplest way to understand the difference between these two methods is to understand that ablative energies have direct contact with the surface of the skin, while non-ablative lasers are designed to go beneath the surface of the skin. 

Ablative lasers are designed to physically remove the upper layers of skin (thus, their direct contact with the epidermis—the top of the skin). Non-ablative lasers often do not remove skin; instead, they help to rejuvenate the deeper dermal cells.

Because ablative treatments remove the top layers of skin, they are usually known to be more invasive but sometimes more effective than non-ablative methods due to their ability to harness energy waves to correct more severe concerns, such as acne scarring, pigmentation irregularities, and unwanted lesions. The trade-off is that ablative lasers present a longer recovery than non-ablative lasers.

So what are the benefits of laser treatments that are non-ablative besides quicker recovery times? 

Non-ablative lasers tend to have more customizable treatment options by working to heat and treat the targeted area in a way that doesn’t damage the outer skin. This method not only allows for collagen production (which creates refreshed and vibrant skin) but allows for an easier combination treatment application. 

What Laser Treatment Is Right for Me?

It would be impossible to determine the proper laser treatment for your needs without scheduling a personal consultation with the qualified professionals at Aspire Medispa. They will be able to examine your skin quality and make recommendations based on your problem areas and cosmetic goals. 

What Laser Treatments for Skin Therapy Are There?

While it may not be possible to determine which treatment is right for you without a consultation, here are some of the best ablative and non-ablative treatments offered for skin resurfacing today: 

    • Ultherapy® is a non-ablative therapy that uses ultrasonic waves to tone skin, smooth wrinkles, and stimulate structural proteins (collagen production) to make the skin look youthful. 
  • triniti™ Plus uses three of today’s most powerful technologies for color correction, fine wrinkle treatment, and deep wrinkle treatment to help you achieve total facial renewal and a younger appearance. By combining bi-polar radio frequency and light energies, triniti™ Plus is able to provide flexible solutions for any patient. 
  • Lutronic® Infini™ and LaseMD™ are non-ablative laser systems that use radio frequency to visibly tighten the skin on the face, neck, and jowl area. 
  • eLŌS® SUBLATIVE RF stimulates collagen production by offering patients both ablative and non-ablative to deliver the best results, by delivering energy deep into the skin while causing minimal disruption.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

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