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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for My Skin Type?

Posted November 23, 2020 in Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal offers a convenient solution. After a few dedicated treatments, an individual can walk away with permanently smooth, hair-free skin.

Woman touching her smooth, hair-free armpit. Results possible with laser hair removal.

Unfortunately, some prospective patients worry that their skin type isn’t a good match for laser hair removal. It is true that previous laser hair removal technologies were not appropriate for all skin types (either it was ineffective or even damaging to the skin). Fortunately, advancements in technology have made many of those concerns obsolete.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Overall, laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective for most people. However, if you have skin concerns, you should voice this during your consultation. 

There are plenty of advanced laser hair treatment devices, such as the GentleLase Pro-U™, that are safer on certain skin types or for specific skin conditions. Ultimately, each individual needs to be personally evaluated to ensure they are the right candidate before proceeding with treatment.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal machines beam an intense light at the hair follicle. This light causes permanent damage so that the hair stops growing.

What Is GentleLase Pro-U™?

The GentleLase Pro-U™ machine is considered to be the gold standard of hair removal. It offers a pain-free laser hair removal treatment that requires no downtime for patients.

The GentleLase Pro-U™ is safe for all skin and hair types.

When it comes to the GentleLase Pro-U™, skin problems are not an issue at all. The GentleLase Pro-U™ has a unique benefit of revitalizing the skin during laser hair removal. In addition, patients experience skin rejuvenation and the removal of pigmented lesions.

All hair types are not the same and, therefore, shouldn’t be treated the same. For a long time, laser hair removal machines were only made with fair-skinned people in mind. These lasers were made for candidates who had dark hair and lighter skin. Technology relied on the contrast between hair and skin color.

Now, this technology has become a lot more inclusive. Lasers can now pick up dark hair against darker skin color or even light hair against very pale skin.

The GentleLase Pro-U™ is just as effective on ethnic hair. Additionally, this device allows the laser hair treatments to be tailored uniquely to a patient’s curl pattern, texture, and hair density.

The doctor can also conduct a “test” on a small patch of skin. This will allow you to verify that you don’t have an adverse reaction to the treatment.

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